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Who am I?


FLMN stands for Filumena. Born in the 20’s in Portugal I grew with a huge Spanish and French influence, due to my family origins and family business. I guess that gave me the guts to live my life a little differently from other women from that time.

Theatre and ceramics were both my passion. I used to act until late night hours (even after getting married) and spent my days doing ceramics.

I am the mother of 6, grandmother of 14 and great grandmother of 4.

All my life was lived at its best, never afraid to speak out and always on trend with new styles. I considered myself everything but ordinary.

Color was my name, never wore boring clothes. Used to choose every fabric so I could have the most extravagant and unique outfits.


How was FLMN born?

I died early 2020 but reborn that same year through the eyes of my granddaughter who took my wardrobe as a legacy.

I was very fond of colourful walking day pyjamas and total looks. Clearly, they didn’t go out of fashion… and so was born FLMN.

A brand of total looks, to be wore at home, to work, to party, you name it!

Proudly made in Portugal, from the garment itself to the packaging.