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Brand Engagement

FLMN is a family woman and her ideal is to preserve and care for next generations to come.


Generations to come: FLMN was born in 2020 in a 20s closet. A granddaughter that carries on wearing her grandma’s total sets. Always remember that you can live throughout your clothing and embrace them as a legacy.


Fabric waste = 0. Every spare of fabric is used in our brand. 


Made in Portugal: Full production in Portugal (both packaging and product) allows lower carbon emissions related to transportation, while supporting local economy.


Packaging: To be sustainable in this area is at the top of our concerns, for that reason we decided to produce entirely in Portugal using recycled card (certified by FSC).


Manufacturing: proudly made in Portugal, more precisely up in the North in Braga, in a little factory, run by some kick-ass women!


Low washing: Wash your clothes <30º . This will reduce ecological footprint by saving energy and will help the fabric to retain the color longer, which gives your clothes an opportunity to live through generations to come...


We are taking steps towards becoming a more sustainable brand...